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Digital Court Reporting-Certificate

  • Key College's program prepares Court Reporters that use digital recorders, Verses learning to use a digital recorder but not being a Court reporter.
  • This program allows students to perform the full tasks of Court Reporters.
  • If you are seeking a program that can be completed in one year or less.
  • Tutorials that embellish the learning process.
  • Graduate placement with no costs.
  • Accredited program and professionally recognized
  • Learn on campus or online.

If you are serious about becoming a Court Reporter, the digital program at Key may be for you and it can raise your level of opportunities. There is no stenographic language to learn. All recordings are in English and can be transcribed very quickly.

The shortage of Court Reporters nationally assures instant opportunities upon completion.

Call Key College today-it may be your "Key" to a rewarding to a bright future!

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