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Court Reporting AS Degree

If you have decided to pursue Court Reporting as a career, you will have many options to explore, and to identify your specific interest. To make this happen, applicants will need to pursue a quality educational program to complete your education and training. If you are seeking a school that offers a high- quality program, you may want to explore Key College, in Fort Lauderdale, FL We Offer both on campus and online programs to students across the United States. Quality opens the doors to exciting and profitable careers. Contact

  • Accredited and professionally approved
  • Award winning faculty
  • Tutorial services to support student success
  • Financial aid for those who qualify
  • Graduate placement without cost
Online Learning

If you are a high school graduate or higher, and enjoy English, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation, put those skills to work. They can pay-off for you. If becoming a professional is Of interest to you, our grads have been selected by some of the highest courts in the United States.

Contact Key College today and it could be your "Key" to a bright future!